Unveiling the Veil: Navigating the Silent Sorrow of Men’s Grief

About Event Speakers

Dr. David Miller

Event Speaker

Hailing from Baltimore, Dr. David Miller is internationally recognized for his groundbreaking curriculum, “Dare to Be King: What If the Prince Lives,” designed to empower African American males in navigating challenging environments.

With a Ph.D. from Morgan State University, Miller’s commitment extends to children’s literature, where he addresses themes of resilience and identity in works like “Khalil’s Way” and “The Green Family Farm.”

Tracy Martin ​

Event Speaker

Tracy Martin, a father propelled into activism by the tragic loss of his son Trayvon, embodies resilience and advocacy.

Co-author of “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin,” Martin ignites crucial conversations on race, fatherhood, and civil rights, urging communities to strive for justice and understanding.

Dr. Jeffrey R. Gardere

Event Speaker

Revered as “America’s Psychologist,” Dr. Jeffrey R. Gardere is a leading figure in mental health advocacy and empowerment.

With nearly three decades of expertise, his impact extends from private practice to media appearances and academia, promoting smart parenting, relationship wellness, and reconciliation between Black men and women.

Dr. Janice Stevenson

Event Speaker

Dr. Janice E. Stevenson, a licensed psychologist based in Maryland since 1984, is a stalwart in trauma recovery and mental health. With over three decades of private practice, her client-centered approach integrates evidence-based techniques with expressive therapies, fostering growth and resilience in individuals facing life-altering circumstances. Grounded in spirituality and supported by a diverse toolkit, Dr. Stevenson’s work exemplifies a commitment to healing and empowerment.

Lisa Good

Event Speaker

Lisa Good, the Executive Director of Urban Grief, is a beacon of hope and healing for communities affected by violence. With a background in addiction services and a Master’s degree in Social Work, she champions trauma-informed care through her 501(c)(3) organization. Combining academic expertise with over two decades of advocacy and crisis response, Good’s leadership drives community education, victim support, and resilience-building initiatives, aiming to address trauma without re-traumatization.