The Moynihan Institute

For Fatherhood Research and Policy


Percent of Black children are born to unwed parents.

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The Moynihan Institute for Research and Policy will look to provide descriptive and explanatory research and policy positions on issues that impact Black families from the perspective of fathers.

Why The Moynihan Institute for Fatherhood Research and Policy?

The Mission

Fathers and father-figures have the potential to be resources to their children, the mother of their children, and their communities at-large.

The Moynihan Institute for Fatherhood Research and Policy (MIFRP) will utilize the historical work of Moynihan as a base to research and introduce policy that will positively impact Black families, with the father as the focal point within the family.

The Purpose

If Black fathers are lifted up, Black families will be stronger!

Our sole purpose is to empower Black families
and communities through research and policy that focuses on fathers.

Meet the Founding Fellows

Dr. Jeffrey Shears
Dr. Jeffrey Shears Co-Chair, Moynihan Institute
Dr. Matisa Wilbon
Dr. Matisa Wilbon Co-Chair, Moynihan Institute
Dr. Jeffrey R. Gardere
Dr. Jeffrey R. Gardere Founding Fellow
Dr. Janice Kelly
Dr. Janice Kelly Founding Fellow
Dr. David Miller, M.Ed.
Dr. David Miller, M.Ed. Founding Fellow
Dr. Cassandra Bolar
Dr. Cassandra Bolar Founding Fellow
Lorenzo N. Hopper, MPH, PhD
Lorenzo N. Hopper, MPH, PhD Research Fellow

The Vision

In order to impact poverty in the Black Community, policy changes should focus on strengthening families, especially Black men and fathers.